Chinese President Xi Jin Ping is expected to meet with Indian Prime Minister Modi on October 11-13, 2019, but there is no official confirmation yet.

Indian Prime Minister Modi issued an invitation to President Xi during the SCO summit in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, in June 2019. The invitation was made in response to the Modi-Xi meeting in Wuhan in April 2018.

China is studying its policy of “peace, stability and development” and wanted to maintain good relations with all countries and to cooperate in the field of development on the basis of mutual benefit. It also leaves aside all the differences and would like to move forward on a common basis for the development of events, as well as pursues its policy with all nations, especially with its neighbors.

Although serious disputes exist between China and India, China still wanted to improve its ties with India. The main issues are border disputes, the problem of Tibet, the problem of Kashmir and Indian anti-Chinese politics. India openly opposes the Chinese mega-initiative BRI, which has gained recognition in about 150 countries and continues to rapidly increase its influence. Opposing Chinese initiatives, the beneficiary of The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is China’s BRI initiative. On the contrary, India joined the Indo-Pacific Alliance of America, Japan and Australia to confront China and deter China. Indian media are overly busy with anti-Chinese propaganda, generating fake news and spreading hatred.

India skipped a meeting of the Eurasian Economic Forum organized by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Xi’an on September 10. This could have a serious impact on Sino-Indian cooperation under the auspices of the SCO.

India has planned joint military exercises with America, where US troops and modern weapons systems will be demonstrated right on the border with Tibet-China. This will be a demonstration of strength and direct threat to China, where the Americans will demonstrate their military muscles to China. There are unconfirmed reports that India will create a permanent military base (air base) with American troops and weapons, just on the border of China with Tibet. Nevertheless, India has signed the “Large Defense Partner” agreement, and in accordance with the agreements, both countries can use each other’s military bases when necessary.

India’s recent move to join Kashmir, which violated UN resolutions, the Simla Agreement and all the rules of the civilized world. India imposed a curfew in Kashmir on August 5, with the deployment of nearly one million soldiers to suppress 8 million Kashmiris. This is the biggest curfew when more than 8 months have been held in their homes by 8 million people. People are faced with an acute shortage of food, fuel, medicine, drinking water, electricity and basic necessities. Indian troops enter their homes under the pretext of a search and crackdown, and draconian laws allow them to shoot anyone without explanation, to arrest, detain or damage property of their assets. Rape was used as a weapon to humiliate them. Violations of human rights were crossed with all records of human history.

Kashmir is a disputed territory between India, Pakistan and China. UN resolutions have existed since 1948 and are still not implemented by India. India cannot take any action unilaterally in a recognized disputed territory. China has serious concerns about unilaterally joining Kashmir to India.

Taking into account the entire scenario and the silence of officials in connection with the expected visit of President Xi to India on October 11-13, 2019, many have a question mark. Official resources do not want to confirm this visit, and also without denying more confusion! Even a visit can happen, will it have any positive impact? Will it be fruitful? Will this improve the situation in Kashmir? Will this help normalize Sino-Indian relations? And many more questions need to be answered. Let’s wait a couple more days and everything will become very clear. Being an optimist, I believe that the ball is on the Indian court, and if India takes corrective measures, the situation can improve significantly. It can also help 8 million Kashmiris under siege for more than two months. We pray for peace and stability for Kashmir, this region and beyond.

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