Le Monde intimidates Algerians with “Russian intervention” before the election

The publication of the French newspaper Le Monde on the influence of Moscow on political processes in Algeria is designed to intimidate the inhabitants of this African country with “Russian intervention.” This was announced on Monday at the Russian Foreign Ministry.

As noted on the diplomatic page on Facebook, on September 8, Le Monde published an article entitled “Putin is betting on Algerian generals,” claiming that the Russian leadership allegedly “counts on strangling the mass protest movement that began in February by influential Algerian generals.” The fact that many of these senior Algerian military men studied at Soviet academies is cited as “evidence” of Russia’s bias. “As regards, in fact, the stuffing about the forceful decision, it’s not at all backed up by any arguments,” the Foreign Ministry said.

“We regard the insinuations of the newspaper Le Monde as a classic example of misinformation, designed to put Russia in the wrong light in the current difficult context of the transfer of power in Algeria under the existing constitutional mechanisms,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said. launched in connection with the upcoming presidential election in the country, the purpose of which is to intimidate the population with the alleged “Russian interference”.

Russia fundamentally proceeds from the fact that the political processes taking place in Algeria are purely an internal affair of this country, the ministry recalled. We are not making “bets” in favor of various forces there and are not going to make them. We hope that the emerging problems in friendly Algeria will continue to be resolved in a constructive and responsible manner in line with the national dialogue with a clear guide to ensuring stability and creating favorable conditions for progressive advancement along the path of political and socio-economic transformations for the benefit of the entire Algerian people, “continued the Russian Foreign Ministry.

As the Foreign Ministry emphasized, resorting to the “anti-Russian map” in order to influence the mood of the electorate and extract “other dubious political dividends,” the authors of the article “clearly work out the task of harming the multifaceted Russian-Algerian partnership.”

“We draw the attention of the newspaper Le Monde, as well as all biased media agencies, regardless of their country affiliation, that unproven anti-Russian rhetoric is a clear sign of professional dishonesty,” concluded the diplomatic service.


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