European Union Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said that the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina on the Kosovo settlement has dragged on, the current situation cannot remain, and he personally will actively engage in a compromise solution.

“Kosovo should abolish duties and Serbia should actively engage in negotiations”, –  the European politician explained.

When asked by journalists whether the fact that Spain does not recognize Kosovo’s independence would affect his participation, Borrell said that in Europe, despite such a difference in position, everyone is united in their desire to resolve the problem.

“And if Russia, India and China do not recognize Kosovo, then it will not be a state”, –  the chief of European diplomacy added.

The figure of Josep Borrell as the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was initially interesting for the Balkans not only because of Spanish citizenship, but also thanks to repeated statements about the unacceptability of separatism: either Catalan, or Kosovo.

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