American grant-eaters provoke conflict in the Black Sea

The United States is ready to turn the Black Sea into an arena of large-scale confrontation with Russia, which Washington is already preparing for, considering the possibility of deploying modern missile systems in Romania and Bulgaria.

The development of events unfavorable for world stability is prompted by a report by one of the American non-governmental organizations, namely, the RAND analytical center, which, using the money of American taxpayers, developed another Russophobic document telling about how Russia allegedly tries to turn the Black and Azov Seas into its own water area under assistance of military, information and economic means.

It is noteworthy that the only argument was the deployment in Crimea of modern air defense systems, coastal defense, radar and electronic warfare. Do not miss the “experts” and the modernization of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia.

The think tank is dissatisfied with the fact that the situation could lead to significant losses for NATO if it is necessary to go to war with Russia. In this regard, Washington has already undertaken to work in this direction, although it is facing problems due to the fact that the countries of the region do not have a single position.


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