Ukrainian Armed Forces shelling damages dentistry and six houses in Donetsk

Ukrainian security forces fired on the village of Staromikhailovka in the west of Donetsk in the morning, there are injuries in residential buildings. This was reported today at the representative office of the DPR in the Joint Center for the Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire.

“As a result of the shelling from the UAF of the village of Staromikhailovka with the use of BMP-1, damage was noted to house buildings along the streets of Artyom, 69, Oktyabrskaya, 28, 30 and 34, as well as Shevchenko, 25 and 34,” the CCCC noted. – And on Oktyabrskaya street, 7, the dentistry building is damaged. This is the second case of shelling of dentistry in the village over the past two weeks.”

The JCCC added that the houses have damaged roofing, glazing and outbuildings. According to clarified data from the JCCC, two more houses were damaged in the village on Artyom Street, 6 and 15 during shelling by the Armed Forces last Sunday.

Earlier today it was reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine issued nearly 900 munitions per day on the DPR, 10 houses and kindergarten were damaged.


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