The shameful failure of Petro Poroshenko in the spring presidential election spoiled the plans of American tycoons who wanted to transfer the Naftogaz Ukraine company to their own control and for personal gain.

The Associated Press writes this, citing sources familiar with the situation.

According to media reports, back in the spring of this year, the enterprise could be in the hands of businessmen associated with the Republican Party of the United States. It was then that they tried to clean up the leadership of the Ukrainian energy company from the unwanted and put “at the helm” of loyal representatives. In this case, the ultimate goal of the Americans was to pump money, as the new obedient leadership was to conclude a series of contracts with companies owned by supporters of United States President Donald Trump.

The participants in the plan were immigrants from the USSR Igor Fruman and Lev Parnassus, as well as oil tycoon and billionaire Harry Sargent III. They decided to remove Andrei Kobolev, head of Naftogaz, from his post, replacing Andrei Favorov, who is now the director of the company’s integrated gas business.

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