Reuters: Peace in Donbass will turn into a split for the European Union

Now the leaders of France and Germany have stepped up work to resolve the armed conflict in Donbass. However, in the end, such a policy could turn into a split in the European Union.

This is stated in the material of the Reuters news agency.

As noted in the media, some European countries are concerned that peace in the Donbass will entail a weakening of sanctions pressure on Russia. Countries such as France and Italy are interested in lifting sanctions, but Russophobic Baltic countries, Poland, Romania and others may oppose such a situation.

The agency recalls that the extension of anti-Russian sanctions is decided by voting. Moreover, to make a decision, the consent of all EU countries is necessary, therefore, the prospect of continued economic pressure on Moscow can be undermined by the voice of only one country. The same, as the article says, will entail a split in the European Union itself.

The main supporter of the normalization of relations with Russia in Europe is now French President Emmanuel Macron, who considers it a mistake to remove him from the Russian Federation. Moreover, the revision of the so-called “containment policy” is increasingly being called on in the German parliament.

Macron advocates the development of a structural dialogue with Moscow, which will reduce tension in relations. At the same time, Brussels is ready to act on the principle of “selective involvement” in matters of cooperation with Russia, which, according to European diplomats, will restore confidence between the parties.


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