Macron: EU decision on a deal with Brexit should be “at the end of the week”

French President Emmanuel macron told Boris Johnson that at the end of the week the EU will decide whether a deal with Brexit will be possible.

President Macron said negotiations should now go quickly to see if the agreement can “respect” EU principles.

As part of the weekend, speaking with EU leaders, the Prime Minister told President Macron over the phone that he believed that a deal could be reached, but that the EU should be consistent with the compromises reached by the UK.

A French government official said that President Macron told Mr. Johnson “that negotiations should proceed quickly with Michel Barnier’s team in the coming days to assess at the end of the week whether a deal hat respects the principles of the European Union is possible”.

The comments come ahead of a key few days of talks as both sides try to find a new agreement by the summit of European leaders on 17 and 18 October.



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