Iraqi authorities oppose attempts to overthrow the government, said Faleh al-Fayyad, an adviser to the country’s prime minister on national security issues and Shiite militia leader al-Hashd al-Shaabi.

“There are those who wanted to conspire against the stability of Iraq and its unity”, –  Al-Fayyad quoted the Iraqi agency Shafaq. He noted that the Iraqi authorities will oppose those who are trying to overthrow the current Iraqi government.
The adviser to the Iraqi prime minister also emphasized that the investigation will establish who stood behind the “killings and violence” in the demonstrations. “The armed forces and security forces protect the constitution and the state and are not related to politics”, – Al-Fayyad added.
Since October 1, anti-government protests have been held in Iraq, which began with calls to go out, spread on social networks, with demands to strengthen the fight against corruption, reduce unemployment, and improve the work of public utilities. These protests were the first since the appointment of the government of Adele Abdul Mahdi a year ago.
During the rallies there are riots and clashes between demonstrators and security forces who use weapons. According to official data from the Iraqi Ministry of Internal Affairs, 104 people were killed and more than 6 thousand were injured, including demonstrators and police.

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