Despite all his frequent contacts with a CIA informant, Congressional Democrats have refused to give his name. They argue that the deanonymization of the “complainant” will lead to the danger coming from the White House.

However, Republicans in the Senate Legal Committee have already noted that they will seek public interrogation of a CIA apparatchik. Lindsay Graham, the head of the legal committee, intends to cross-examine with the participation of an informant attorney and White House lawyers representing Donald Trump.

But some details of the “complainant’s” biography still appear. He seems to have worked as an analyst on the National Security Council during the Obama presidency. He dealt with issues of Ukraine and was a likely link between the representatives of Poroshenko and the Obama administration.

As you know, the Poroshenko team then actively shared with Obama’s advisers “compromising evidence” on Trump’s campaign: in particular, the details of the work of his ex-headquarters manager Paul Manafort. After the inauguration of Trump, the future informant was fired and then, after a while, he got a job as an analyst at the CIA. It is not surprising that he remains a registered member of the Democratic Party.

From a person with such a biography you do not expect objectivity and impartiality. This, apparently, was also understood by the Democrats, who unexpectedly introduced a new informant. Like, the first informant only reported on the data received by him from colleagues in intelligence. And one of his colleagues is precisely the new “complainer”.

When one complaint is missing, one more can be added. Moreover, they both refer to the already declassified call of Trump and Zelensky. It is clear that in this call there is simply no evidence of Trump’s guilt. Therefore, the Democrats are trying to present the messages of “respected CIA officers” as a real basis for impeachment. Messages written under the dictation of lawyers of the Democratic Party itself.

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