On Sunday, the U.S. President Donald Trump continued attacks on his political rival, the former Vice President Joe Biden, saying the Biden family was bribed.

“The Biden family was bribed, clear and simple! Sleeping Joe (Joe Biden – ed.) stated that he had never spoken to a Ukrainian company (Burisma Group – ed.), and now a photograph appeared where he plays golf with the President and Hunter”, – Trump tweeted.

Trump also doubted that he would eventually have to compete in the 2020 presidential election with Biden.
In September, the White House published a transcript of the July 25 conversation between the US and Ukrainian leaders. Earlier media reported that in a conversation with Zelensky, Trump could ask for an investigation against Hunter Biden, the son of the former Vice President Joe Biden. The transcript confirmed that Trump asked Zelensky to investigate the dismissal of the former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who studied the Burisma Group, whose directors included Biden’s son, and the case of Hunter Biden himself.
Democrats have launched an impeachment campaign against Trump in the House of Representatives, accusing him of asking for help from a foreign state to interfere in the election through an attempt to discredit a political opponent – Joe Biden, who is currently running for president of the Democratic Party. Trump denies the allegations.

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