Trump’s impeachment investigation

The Donald Trump administration confronted Congress with the fact: until the official vote on the start of the impeachment investigation takes place there, the White House is not going to recognize it, the President Trump television channel reports.

 At one time, investigations into the impeachment of Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton began precisely with a vote among all congressmen. Then they were transferred to separate committees, which were already engaged in all the work: calling witnesses, studying documents, etc.

However, last year, Democrats changed the rules for the impeachment process. Now they no longer need a general vote – Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to avoid it in every possible way. She fears that such a vote would put those congressional democrats who represent the centrist and “vacillating” constituencies in a vulnerable position.

As a result, the current impeachment investigation started only after a simple vote in two committees – intelligence and legal. Obviously, without the approval of most congressmen, it has no particular legitimacy. White House lawyers also rely on this: they say that any member of the Trump team can ignore subpoenas from Congress until a general vote is taken. The same goes for the provision of documents.
Republicans in the House of Representatives continue to complain that they were completely excluded from the investigation process. This is also an unprecedented story: now only the majority party, that is, the Democratic Party, can call witnesses and study documents.Speaker Pelosi calls the White House’s position “political provocation.” But she has no special options for action: she can only continue to conduct her “investigation” in the hope that the Democrats will have some incriminating Trump facts.

It’s funny that literally now it became known about a likely conflict of interest with Pelosi herself. It turns out that her son Paul Pelosi worked for some time on the board of directors of the NRGLab company, which was engaged in activities in the energy sector of Ukraine. Moreover, Nancy Pelosi even appeared in the commercial of this company. So Hunter Biden is no longer alone: ​​the other sons of prominent Democrats are involved in no less obvious corruption schemes.


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