The US Secretary of State calls investigation politicized.

The US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo criticized the investigation carried out by the committees of the US Congress as a part of the impeachment process of President Donald Trump, calling it “oddly political”, and said that all the actions of the State Department were aimed solely at improving relations with the new government of Ukraine. It is reported by the Voice of America.

Speaking at a press conference in Greece, Pompeo also noted that the actions of Kurt Volker as a special representative for Ukraine met the instructions of the President.

“The State Department has focused, as directed by the President, on creating opportunities to finally build good relations with the government. Ambassador Volker has worked carefully to create such an opportunity”, – says Pompeo.

In early September, the US media wrote that Trump allegedly wants to force Zelensky to help him with the 2020 race through an investigation against Hunter Biden, allegedly related to corruption in a company from Ukraine.

Later, a transcript of a conversation between the leaders of the two countries was published.

On September 28, Volker resigned amid a scandal surrounding Zelensky’s and Trump’s conversation.

On October 4, he testified in Congress, telling, in particular, about the role of Lutsenko in relations between the USA and Ukraine, as well as about the reaction of the Presidential Office to Giuliani’s demand. chronicles the scandal surrounding Trump’s conversation with Zelensky.

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