Despite the fact that the United States almost started a war in Venezuela, Pentagon continues to blame Russia, China and even Iran for destabilizing the region.

The corresponding statement was made to reporters by the Head of the Southern Command of the US Armed Forces, Admiral Craig Foller.

He lamented that the US strategic rivals were preventing Washington from promoting its own interests. He calls Moscow and Beijing such competitors. At the same time, he considers China and Iran to be potential enemies.

“They are. They are there. They promote their own state interests by methods that are completely inconsistent with long-term stability”, – said the admiral, referring to Russia, China and Iran in Latin America.

At the same time, he criticized Moscow for allegedly “trying at the first opportunity to expose the United States in an unfavorable light”. At the same time, Voller did not hide the reasons why the US national defense strategy identified China as a strategic adversary. As it turned out, Washington did not appreciate China’s trade cooperation with South American countries.

“China is the No. 1 trading partner for the United States, the No. 1 trading partner for Brazil, and the No. 1 trading partner for all of South America. It was absolutely true when our national defense strategy defined competition with China”, – he said.

As News Front previously reported, at the beginning of the year, Washington tried to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela through the “manual” opposition, Juan Guaido, who several times tried to arrange a coup in the country, but did not find the proper support either among the military or among the population.

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