The deputies of the Serbian Radical Party, Alexander Sheshel and Milyan Damyanovich, speaking on the final day of the autumn meeting of the Council of Europe, spoke about the situation in Kosovo and Metohija. In particular, they demanded that European politicians respect international law and abolish the recognition of the self-proclaimed “Republic of Kosovo”.

“Twenty years ago, after the brutal aggression of NATO and its allies from the Kosovo Liberation Army, power was given to terrorists and war criminals, such as Hashim Tachi and Ramush Haradinaj” ,-  Seshel emphasized.

Attacks on the Serbian population are constantly taking place in Kosovo, and the rich cultural population of the Serbs in the disputed region is being erased or presented as Albanian, the radicals added.

“The dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina should be resumed, but the Kosovo parliament should abolish the formation of the army”, –  Damyanovich said in his speech.

According to him, the Serbian radical army can offer Kosovo autonomy, but with respect for democratic principles and respect for the territorial integrity of Serbia.

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