Pogroms in shops, office buildings and subway stations, arson and violent clashes with the police – this marked the new wave of riots that swept Hong Kong.

This time, the reason for the protests was the ban on demonstrators wearing masks, which was initiated by Hong Kong Mayor Carrie Lam.

After the rampage of radicals, cultural institutions, a number of bank branches and subway stations were closed in the city.

“A number of banks today will not provide services in terms of branches in connection with acts of vandalism and violation of transport links”, – the Hong Kong Currency Department said in a statement.

“We express hope that banks will be able to resume the provision of services as soon as possible”, – it added.

Since last evening, the subway has stopped working in Hong Kong. During the pogroms organized by radicals at the stations, the staff was forced to flee. MTR Corporation, the railway operator, does not specify how soon train traffic will resume. They note that it is first necessary to assess the damage caused and to carry out repair work.

In addition, the Department of Transport reports that radicals destroyed more than a hundred traffic lights, which led to traffic jams. It is noteworthy that traffic is extremely difficult on the road towards the airport.

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