Protests demanding better lives were resumed on Saturday in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities, despite calls by the authorities for talks and curfews operating in certain areas, the Iraqi news agency WAID said.

According to available information, protests are held in the Tahrir Square in the Iraqi capital and in other cities. Information has also been received about new potential victims of the demonstrations, as security forces are violently dispersing protesters. In particular, eyewitnesses report the use of firearms by security forces during the dispersal of actions in Baghdad and the city of al-Diva.

Earlier on Saturday, Iraqi human rights activists reported that the number of victims of protests lasting since October 1 reached 100 people, about four thousand were injured.

Since October 1, anti-government protests have been held in Iraq, which began with calls to go out, distributed on social networks, with demands to strengthen the fight against corruption, reduce unemployment, and improve the work of public utilities.

These protests were the first since the appointment of the Adele Abdel Mahdi government a year ago. Not a single party or political leader claimed to be behind these protests. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights demanded an immediate and open investigation into the deaths of peaceful demonstrators in Iraq.

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