The Peruvian congressional election scheduled for January 26 should help overcome the country’s political confrontation, said President Martin Wiscarra.

“We hope that with the decision we made (dissolution of the Congress – ed) and with the process of new congressional elections launched on January 26, we will be able to overcome this stage of confrontation and will make every effort for what is really important – for the development of the entire Peruvian people”, – he said at a meeting with businessmen.

On September 30, Wiscarra announced the dissolution of the Congress of the Republic after deputies boycotted its reform of the constitutional court. The dismissed parliament declared Wiskarra temporarily incapacitated and sworn in to replace Vice President Mercedes Araos.

However, on October 1, Araos wrote a letter addressed to the Head of the congress, in which she stated that she was resigning and refused to act as the Head of state.

After the dissolution of the parliament, Wiskarra appointed a new cabinet.

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