The adoption of a “safe countries” list is the first step, after which the number of deportations should increase.

The Italian government has included Ukraine in the list of “safe countries”, for migrants from which it will be more difficult to obtain the right to asylum. This list was presented by Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Mayo at a press conference on Friday, October 4.
It is noted that migrants from these countries will be considered ineligible and will be deported if they cannot provide evidence that their lives are truly at risk.

This list has 13 countries: Ukraine, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Senegal, Cape Verde, Ghana, Kosovo, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

According to Di Mayo, a third of all migrants who apply for asylum in Italy come from precisely these states.

The revision speed of asylum applications submitted by applicants from these countries is expected to accelerate “from about two years to four months”. According to Di Mayo, the adoption of this list is the “first step”, after which the number of deportations of those who were denied asylum should increase.

Previously, Czech Republic changed the rules for issuing work cards to Ukrainians. Now they can change their employer only after six months after receiving the first work card.

Also in Poland, they said that they did not have time to legalize labor migrants because of their large influx.

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