In the US House of Representatives, Democrats requested documents on Ukraine from the White House. This is related to the investigation into the impeachment of Donald trump. This, as RIA Novosti reports, is said in a widespread statement.

Congressmen from three committees – on intelligence, foreign affairs, as well as reform and oversight – sent a letter addressed to the acting White House chief of staff Mike Mulveni.

The White House must provide all necessary documents by October 18. As noted, the refusal will be regarded as “evidence of an obstacle to the investigation”.

The chairpersons of the committees indicate that the President, speaking with reporters, said that he “always cooperates” with Congress. However, according to the Democrats, this Trump’s statement is knowingly false.

“The White House refuses to cooperate or respond to the numerous requests of our committees to provide documents on a voluntary basis”, – Democrats say.

At the same time, they once again rejected the claims of the Republicans, who consider it necessary to hold a general vote by the House of Representatives and adopt a resolution to officially start the investigation as part of impeachment.

On September 24, Democrats in the House of Representatives began impeachment of Donald Trump. He is accused of asking for help from a foreign country to intervene in elections by discrediting a political adversary – the former Vice President Joe Biden. The President himself denies the allegations. If allegations are approved in the House of Representatives, they must be referred to the Senate for a final decision. In the lower house, the majority belongs to Democrats, in the upper house it belongs  to Republicans who are Trump’s party members.

A telephone conversation between the presidents of the United States and Ukraine, Donald Trump and Vladimir Zelensky, was in the spotlight after media publications. The reports said that one of the intelligence officers found the conversation alarming, and therefore filed a complaint with management.

The transcript of the conversation and the complaint itself were then published. Based on the transcript, Trump asked Zelensky to investigate the dismissal of former Ukrainian prosecutor general Viktor Shokin, who was studying activities in the country of the Burisma Group, whose directors included Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

In 2016, Biden Sr. demanded that the Ukrainian authorities pursue a tough anti-corruption policy and called for the resignation of the then Attorney General as part of this campaign.
At the same time, the current prosecutor general of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that he did not have evidence of offenses that the Biden could have committed on the territory of the country.

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