Authorities announced the abolition of curfews imposed in Baghdad, as well as the cities of Al-Nasiriyah, Al-Hill and Al-Amar.

The number of victims in the four days of protests in Iraq rose to 100. This was reported by Al Arabiya TV channel, citing data from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on Saturday, October 5.

It is noted that among the dead there are at least six police officers. The number of victims approached 4 thousand. Only in the hospitals of Baghdad there are 1,600 people.

On Friday, authorities announced the cancellation of the curfew imposed on Thursday night in Baghdad, as well as the cities of Al-Nasiriya, Al-Hill and Al-Amar. The traffic on the streets of Baghdad is restored. As the command of the joint operations of the Republic’s Armed Forces stated, the security situation in Iraq is under full control.

Earlier it was reported about 65 dead and almost 2 thousand wounded during the protests in Iraq.

On October 1, protests began in Baghdad. By Wednesday, they covered not only the capital, but also several provinces. Demonstrators demand the resignation of the government, as well as improving living conditions, solving problems in the field of health, education and the labor market, and the fight against corruption.

The Iraqi authorities completely cut off Internet access in Baghdad and a number of other areas in the center and south of the country from Wednesday to Friday.

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