Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky plans to pull Ukrainian troops back along the entire front line in the East if the Russian-backed rebels reciprocate.

A message came from his foreign minister, Vadim Pristayko, on Ukrainian television. Such a rollback has already occurred in one front-line village.

He also said that he hoped for another major exchange of prisoners with Russia “literally next week”.

Commenting on the proposal for an exchange of prisoners, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that “Russia will be happy to conduct an “all for all ” exchange”.

On September 7, a significant exchange of prisoners took place, which inspired hope for a long thaw.

Earlier this week, Mr. Zelensky announced that Ukrainian troops would withdraw two more villages next week – Zolotoye and Petrovsky.

“After that, he plans to free all 400 km so that people stop dying on these 400 km, and this will happen in stages”, –  said the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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