In the absence of a new agreement with the EU by October 19, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will ask the European Union to postpone Brexit to a later date, according to a government document published on Twitter by lawyer Joe Maugham.

Maugham represents a group of opponents of the “tough Brexit,” who appealed to the Edinburgh sessional court with a request to establish what measures could be taken against the prime minister if he does not obey the recently enacted law obliging him to request the postponement of Brexit for three months in the absence of on October 19 agreement with the EU. The reason for going to court was the statement of Johnson himself, constantly emphasizing that the UK “in any case” will leave the EU on October 31.

The document, read during the meeting on Friday and published by Maugham, said that if the conditions are not met, the Prime Minister will send a letter to the EU no later than October 19 asking for a postponement.

The Prime Minister’s office does not comment on the situation, explaining that the trial has not yet been completed.

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