Berlin fully supports de-escalation efforts between Iran and US

Berlin fully supports de-escalation efforts between Iran and the United States, this helps preserve the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, German Foreign Ministry spokesman Christopher Burger said at a briefing in Berlin.

“We fully support the efforts of the French President aimed at de-escalation between Iran and the United States. If such de-escalation and possible rapprochement between Washington and Tehran are realized, the chances of maintaining the JCPOA will increase. Therefore, we will coordinate this both within the framework of the Euro-construction and further steps”, – Burger said.

He added that ” the crisis around the JCPOA has not yet been resolved, “Tehran’s statements on withdrawal from certain provisions of the deal”calls into question the future of the agreement.” According to Burger, discussions on the launch of a joint mechanism for settlements with Iran INSTEX are currently ongoing.

France, Germany and the United Kingdom, after the United States withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal, decided to create a joint settlement mechanism with Iran (INSTEX). EU Secretary General Helga Schmid, after a June meeting in Vienna on a nuclear deal, said the mechanism had been put in place and the first transactions were already underway. At the first stage, it must ensure the supply of medicines, medical equipment and agricultural products.

Tehran is seeking the opportunity to export oil amid US sanctions. After a meeting in June, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov noted that the EU is not yet ready to use INSTEX to service transactions for the export of Iranian oil.


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