Zelensky got into a trap of his own promises – Europe is waiting for Kiev’s concessions on the Donbass

Most Ukrainians want a speedy end of the Donbass war, which was promised to citizens by Vladimir Zelensky during his election campaign. Now the time has come for the implementation of the promises, and in this regard, Kiev will have to make concessions.

This was told by the correspondent of the Swiss television channel “SRF” Lucius Chirki.

She emphasized that the president of Ukraine has already agreed to hold local elections in the Lugansk and Donetsk people’s republics. At the same time, she expressed confidence that “the demand of the Ukrainian authorities for the complete withdrawal of troops before the election” will probably be fulfilled.

“However, the separatists completely refuse to fulfill the other requirements regarding the transfer to the Ukrainian leadership of full control over the border section with Russia”, – she continues.

According to the correspondent, Zelensky’s voters have high hopes for him, which drives the president into a “very difficult situation”.

“Most Ukrainian citizens really want a speedy end of the conflict in the east of the country”, – said Chirki, stressing that “sooner or later, the Ukrainian leadership will have to make concessions, as the position of Kiev is much more difficult than the position of Moscow”.




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