Yemen Houthi claim they are preparing to strike at Saudi Arabia

The ruling Ansar Allah rebels (Houthi) in northern Yemen said they were preparing to launch new attacks on Saudi Arabia if it did not respond to their call for peace.

Last week, the Head of the Houthi High Political Council said they were unilaterally halting attacks on Saudi Arabia and expect similar actions from the kingdom.

“Large-scale preparations are underway for unlimited and powerful blows, which will be enough to defeat the aggressor if peaceful efforts and dialogue are unsuccessful”, – said in a statement by the Hushit High Political Council quoted by Al-Masira TV channel.

The Political Council noted that the attack on the oil facilities of the neighboring kingdom was the “tip of the iceberg” compared to their capabilities.

A few days ago, the Houthi announced the details of the operation against government forces and the Saudi military in the border Saudi province of Najran, calling it “Nasr min alla” (Victory from Allah). They posted videos of the confessions of the captured Saudis. The rebels claimed responsibility for undermining unmanned refineries in Saudi fields in the east of the country on September 14, but Saudi authorities said the Houthi did not have such an opportunity and Iran attacked their facilities.