It is fundamentally wrong to provide financial support to the state, which is known for the catastrophic level of corruption of power.

This statement was made by US President Donald Trump at a joint press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niiniste in the White House.

Speaking about what caused the blocking of military assistance to Kiev, Trump drew attention to “colossal corruption, which is greater than in any other country in the world”.

“Ukraine was actually on the list of one of the most corrupt countries in the world. I did not want to transfer the money to a state that is known for such a level of corruption”, – Trump emphasized.

According to him, he changed his decision only after the call of the Republican Party Senator Robert Portman, who, on behalf of other lawmakers, called for the unblocking of funding. However, Trump noted that he was still not happy with this state of things. In this regard, he again criticized the European Union, which, in his opinion, “should pay more as assistance to Ukraine”.

“I hate it when the USA is the only state giving money”, – the Head of the White House said.

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