The expert commented on the aggravation of US and EU trade disputes

The tough behavior of US President Donald Trump towards European partners and, in particular, the intention to impose barriers on them against imported aircraft, agricultural and industrial products is unlikely to lead to the EU responding to rapprochement with Russia, the professor says HSE Victor Supyan.

On Wednesday, it became known that from October 18, the United States intends to introduce new duties in the amount of 10% for aircraft and in the amount of 25% for agricultural and industrial products from the EU. This action was the result of a decision by the WTO arbitrator to subsidize the European aircraft manufacturing concern Airbus. The arbitrator allowed the United States to introduce retaliatory trade measures against the EU at $ 7.5 billion per year. Most of the new US duties will affect France, Germany, Spain and the UK. Trump called this decision the WTO victory.

“Trump, as you know, to achieve his goals can act tough both against competitors and allies. And this is not limited only to the economy, it is present in all areas… Nevertheless, it is hardly to be expected that this approach will change Brussels’s strategic line with regard to Russia. Yes, there is discontent (that trade with Russia is declining, and businessmen suffer losses from sanctions), but it mainly comes from companies, not from countries. Here we need to separate two concepts”,  – said Supyan during the round table in the MIA “Russia Today”.

The expert believes that they are unlikely to go against the United States even after such their actions in the European Union.