Russian President Vladimir Putin said U.S. leader Donald Trump took a historic step when he crossed the demarcation line on the Korean peninsula and met with DPRK leader Kim Jong-un.
According to Putin, the situation on the Korean peninsula has long been in the clinch.

“In this regard, I note: as soon as the United States decided to conduct a direct conversation with the DPRK, and without prior formalities and conventions, abandoning the usual, sometimes very rude, up to insult, rhetoric, the hope for peaceful regulation appeared immediately”, – he said at the plenary session of the Valdai Discussion Club.

He noted that on the issue of the Korean Peninsula there are still many unsolved problems, it is a very long way to go, “but still there is movement in the right direction”.

According to him, one must pay tribute to Trump in his courage and ability to take extraordinary steps, as for many decades the US presidents have ignored North Korea.

“Mr. Trump was able to take a historic step – to overcome the demarcation line of misunderstanding and alienation, to meet with Kim Jong-Un and begin the negotiation process”, – he said.

In June, Putin said there was no alternative to a diplomatic settlement of the situation on the Korean peninsula.

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