North Korea confirmed that it successfully conducted a test launch of a new type of missile from a submarine, the Korean Central News Agency reported.

“The Academy of National Defense Science of the Democratic people’s Republic of Korea successfully conducted a test launch of a new type of ballistic missile submarines Pukguksong-3 in the waters of Wonsan Bay of the East Korean sea on Wednesday morning,” the Agency said.

On Wednesday morning, South Korea and Japan recorded an eastward launch of a North Korean ballistic missile. It fell 350 kilometers from Shimane Prefecture within the exclusive economic zone of Japan. The last time this happened in November 2017. The flight range was 450 kilometers, altitude – 900 kilometers.

UN Secretary General spokesman Stephane Dujarric said at a briefing that North Korea’s new launch of a ballistic missile violates security Council resolutions.

Submarine missile carriers, together with intercontinental ballistic missiles and missiles on strategic bombers, make up the “nuclear triad.” It is believed that only Russia, the USA and China have a full-fledged triad.

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