Attempts by the authorities to resolve the situation with continued rising unemployment in Sweden remain unsuccessful due to the ongoing influx of migrants.

Referring to Eurostat data, reporters note that Sweden was 24 out of 28 among the EU countries in terms of unemployment. Ironically, back in 2013, Prime Minister Stefan Leuven promised to achieve the lowest unemployment rate among the EU countries, but now it becomes clear that Sweden is not destined to achieve such results.

Due to the migration crisis, the unemployment rate in the country exceeded that of France, Spain, Greece and Italy. This is because arriving refugees are in no hurry to work. Thus, according to statistics from the Swedish State Employment Service, about 20 percent of migrants remain unemployed. Moreover, the figure among the Swedes is only 3.6 percent.

However, authorities continue to spend budget money on arriving migrants. Moreover, as Stig Bertilsson, an official from Bengtsfors municipality, said, local authorities continue to fund refugees even after government revenues ceased.

“This creates a big negative hole in the municipal budget”, – he complains.

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