A small town in southern Germany was shocked by a resonant event – in one day there were two armed attacks at once, one of which was fatal.

This is reported by “Bild”.

According to media reports, the incident occurred in the city of Abensberg, in Lower Bavaria. There, at 18:00 local time, in a parking lot at a supermarket, unidentified men shot and killed a man aged 39, and only half an hour later another man was wounded in his own house.

The criminals fled the scene by car. They were arrested  and seized firearms an hour and a half later. The attackers were people from Kosovo at the age of 41 and 30 years. It is noteworthy that their victims were Serbs.

As News Front previously reported, about 800 thousand Kosovars, who fled from the quasi-state due to unemployment and other socio-economic and infrastructure problems, currently live in the EU countries. Kosovo suffers from a serious transport crisis, problems with communications and electricity.

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