At least 12 people were killed in Iraq during the riots, the number of wounded reached 650, Shafaq news Agency reported, citing the high Commission on human rights.

“During the protests, 11 protesters and one employee of the security services were killed, 650 people were injured, including 87 security officials,” the agency quotes the head of the commission, Ali al-Bayati.

According to him, 122 people were detained, most of them have already been released.
Earlier, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abd al-Mahdi announced the introduction of curfew in the capital of Baghdad from five in the morning on Thursday amid ongoing protests. Curfew imposed in several other provinces.

The protests began on Tuesday in Baghdad, two people were killed and more than 200 were injured. On Wednesday, protests rallied not only Baghdad, but also several other provinces – Zi-Kar, Vasit, Najaf, Divaniyya, Babil. Demonstrators demand improving living conditions, solving problems in the field of healthcare, education and the labor market, and the fight against corruption.