American soldiers carry out raids against those who disagree together with militants in Syria

In four parts of the Deir ez-Zor province occupied by pro-American terrorist gangs, raids have already taken place in four settlements.

This is reported by local information resources.

According to media reports, the US military, together with Kurdish militants of the Syrian Democratic Forces group, break into the homes of local residents and conduct searches there. It is also noted that such operations are usually aimed at identifying activists and simply disagreeing with the occupation policies of the United States and Washington-funded militants. At the same time, the media controlled by the Kurds extradite those arrested as accomplices of the Islamic state*.

At the moment, raids have taken place in the settlements of Al-Shkhil, Al-Tayyana, Al-Tukhahi and Jadet-Akidat.

As News Front previously reported, the militants carried out a punitive action in Idlib province. The terrorists shot two men, accusing them of assisting the Syrian Arab army. Moreover, the militants began distributing photographs of those killed through their own propaganda network, intimidating the region’s population with what would happen to the “traitors”.

* – prohibited in the Russian Federation


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