American officials isolated from Ukraine – Washington promotes a pack of serious restrictions

The Ukrainian leadership is known for its total corruption, and this has already become a “historical” factor that Washington should stay away from.

Thus, Republican Senator John F. Kennedy substantiated the need to legally ban American officials and their relatives from investing in business projects in Ukraine. 

The relevant bill has already been prepared. According to the document, family members of congressmen, senators, ministers, vice-president and president will, in particular, be deprived of the right to work as contractors, be members of the board of directors in Ukrainian companies, and also have more than a five-percent stake in enterprises that do business in Ukraine and even with Ukraine.

Kennedy called the Ukrainian leadership “historically corrupt”, because “senior members of the US government should not get involved with it”.

“There is nothing better for combating temptation than proper education, strong values ​​and a tough law”, – the senator said.

Obviously, Kennedy’s initiative refers to the corruption scandal surrounding Hunter Biden, the son of former US vice president and presidential candidate Joe Biden. As you know, Biden Jr. was involved in the financial fraud of the company “Burisma”, where he was a member of the board of directors. In this regard, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine began an investigation, and Joe Biden had to put pressure on then-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to dismiss Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin and hush up the case. Otherwise, Kiev would lose financial assistance from Washington.



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