The States General of the Netherlands demanded to investigate the role of Ukraine in the collapse of MH17

Most members of the house of representatives of the Dutch Parliament supported the investigation of the role of Ukraine in the crash of Malaysian Boeing in Donbass in 2014.

Parliament calls on the government to use every opportunity to “fully investigate the facts” against Ukraine. In particular, it is indicated that Ukraine had to close the airspace over the region where the fighting was conducted, writes RTLnieuws.

So far, the Dutch government has not taken any action against Ukraine, but the House of Representatives wants to take the first step.

Christian Democrats Party (CDP) and Socialist Party (SP) insist on investigation with the support of other political forces.

“There is no clarity regarding the role of Ukraine, although this country was supposed to close the airspace,” said MP Michael van Nispen. According to him, an additional investigation needs to be conducted in order to achieve truth and justice in this matter.

The portal also points to a survey conducted this year among the relatives of the victims. 87.5% of them said that ultimately Ukraine should be responsible.

Earlier, a Russian diplomat said that the Joint Investigation Team to investigate the crash of a Boeing plane in Ukraine in 2014 adjusts its tasks to a pre-prepared answer.

Moscow noted that the investigation ignores the data of the Russian side – in particular, turned a blind eye to the data on the Ukrainian ownership of the missile, which shot down the plane. Kiev, in turn, is a full member of the JIT, having the ability to forge evidence.

Recall, the Boeing of flight MH17, flying from the Netherlands to Malaysia, was shot down in July 2014, 298 people were killed. The investigation believes that Russia was involved in the crash. In June, four suspects were named – among them three Russians and one Ukrainian.


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