The Steinmeier formula signed on the eve opens up prospects for intensifying the process of resolving the armed conflict in the Donbas through the implementation of Minsk agreements.

Such a statement was made by the spokeswoman for the EU representative for foreign and security policy Federica Mogherini Maya Kosyanchich.

“The result of yesterday’s talks of the Tripartite Contact Group in Minsk, in particular according to the Steinmeier formula, gives hope for efforts to emerge regarding the absolute implementation of the Minsk set of measures by each of the parties”, – said Kosyanchich.

According to her, the formula is “the key to achieving a reliable peaceful solution”, and the EU supports the work of the OSCE, the Trilateral Contact Group, as well as the “Norman Four” in this direction.

As News Front previously reported, after information appeared that Kiev had signed Steinmeier’s formula, the Ukrainian right-wing radical groups took part in the “against surrender” protest rally that unfolded at the Ukrainian presidential administration. In addition, the signing was criticized by Petro Poroshenko, who called Steinmeier “an agent of the Kremlin”, and Yulia Tymoshenko, who demanded explanations from Vladimir Zelensky.

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