Donald Trump called the launch of the impeachment procedure a “coup d’etat”. However, everything may turn out in favor of the US president, said political analyst Andrei Suzdaltsev. He presented his point of view on Sputnik radio.

A coup is taking place in the USA – that is how the American leader Donald Trump estimated the impeachment proceedings launched against him.

“Every day I am more and more convinced that what is happening is not impeachment, but a coup d’etat aimed at taking away the people’s power, their voice, their freedom, their Second Amendment (allowing the circulation of weapons, – ed .), religion, army, wall on the border and his God given rights as a citizen of the United States of America!” – Trump wrote on Twitter.

Democrats began impeachment in the House of Representatives, where they have the majority. Trump’s critics accuse him of asking for the help of a foreign state to discredit a political adversary – the former Vice President Joe Biden. Trump denies the allegations.

Democrats can only play into the hands of the President with their actions, says political scientist (Higher School of Economics) Andrei Suzdaltsev.

“There is a desire not only to impeach, but to arrange an almost revolution. Impeachment is technically impossible – that means the failure of this idea is guaranteed without violating the constitution. And in this case, the Democrats will make a tremendous contribution to Trump’s re-election for a second term. Trump cunningly provokes them a little, pushes them to inadequate actions. But they do not understand this, they are in rapture, in a revolutionary stir. This is a disease of American democracy. The country has always been split, but the current split is gradually reaching extremes – they are not united in any position”, – said Andrei Suzdaltsev on Sputnik radio.

He believes that Democrats are counterproductive.

“This is some element of despair – in conditions when Republicans control the Senate, it is almost impossible to impeach. Democrats have some kind of ideological crisis. They behave counterproductively, more and more rely not on American trends, but on some ambiguous globalist tendencies, trying to set fire to something in the format of a liberal world revolution. And of course, the national trend that Trump represents is a mortal enemy for them”, – says Andrei Suzdaltsev.

The reason for starting the impeachment procedure was a telephone conversation between Donald Trump and the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy. One member of the US security service found him alarming and sent a report to his management. After that, Trump agreed to the publication of the transcript of the conversation.

The transcript confirmed that Trump asked Zelenskiy to investigate the dismissal of the former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who investigated the activities of the Burisma Group, whose directors included the son of the former US Vice President Joe Biden.

As part of the parliamentary investigation, Democrats called for testimony from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Walker and Trump’s lawyer Rudolf Giuliani.


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