Children who attend Orthodox Muslim schools in the Netherlands are taught to put Sharia law above the state law of a European country. 

A related investigation was conducted by the Nieuwsuur and NRC.

The journalists watched the educational process go on in schools run by local mosques. As it turned out, students are imposed with the opinion of incorrectness of European values, as well as the fact that representatives of other faiths deserve death execution.

The journalists were introduced to parents of students attending schools at mosques. This allowed them to get about 70 hours of audio recordings and video materials, according to which children were taught to punish infidels and homosexuals under Sharia law.

The investigation was published after the Netherlands General Intelligence and Security Service released a report on the dangers of the ever-growing influence of Salafism, orthodox Islamic teachings. At the same time, the country’s authorities are concerned about the impressive flow of funds that come to the Netherlands from outside to spread Salafism here.

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