Russian President Vladimir Putin urged not to be guided by emotions, but by facts in the investigation of an attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.

“US intelligence services serve the current policy of this country. But they have not provided any evidence yet. And we talked with the leadership of Saudi Arabia, I personally talked with the Crown Prince. And I understood my interlocutor that Saudi Arabia seeks to get irrefutable evidence about the involvement of a country in these events. But so far no one has presented this evidence. Let’s not be guided by emotions, but by facts”, – Putin said at a meeting with leaders and specialized departments of foreign countries and international organizations in the framework of the forum “Russian Energy Week”.

The largest exporter and one of the three largest oil producers, Saudi Arabia, after the attack on its oil facilities on September 14, reduced production by more than half – by 5.7 million barrels per day from the usual mark of about 9.8 million. Hussite Yemeni rebels against whom the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia are fighting said the refineries were attacked by fighters of their movement using unmanned aerial vehicles. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said there was no evidence of an attack from Yemen, and blamed Iran for it. Iranian Foreign Ministry Rejected Pompeo Accusations.

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