US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who is on a visit to the Apennines, on Tuesday at a press conference following his talks with Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Mayo called Iran an “aggressor”, stated the need to counter the “common threats” in international trade from China and pointed out the need for new sanctions against Venezuela.

The Secretary of state urged to continue joint efforts to stabilize the situation in the Middle East and in this regard to repel the “Iranian aggression”.

“The UN is beginning to realize that Iran is an aggressor. And this is also due to the decisions taken by Italy in this regard”, –  the head of American diplomacy said.

Pompeo pointed out that relations with China were also discussed during the negotiations. According to him, Beijing often has a “predatory approach in the field of trade and investment.” The Secretary of State called this line of China “a common threat” for both countries. Recognizing that this was a very complex international problem, he nevertheless emphasized the need for joint action to counter this threat.

Speaking about the approach to resolving the crisis in Venezuela, Pompeo emphasized the need to “impose new sanctions until the situation there changes.”

“Of course, each country can independently decide on this issue”, –  he said.

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