Johnson will make the last offer on Brexit to EU

The head of the British government said that if the EU refuses to negotiate a new deal, Britain will leave the EU without a treaty.

On Wednesday, October 2, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will unveil his latest proposal to the European Union regarding Brexit and make it clear that if Brussels does not agree with this proposal, Britain will not negotiate further and will leave on October 31, Reuters reports.

In his closing speech at the Conservative Party’s annual conference, Johnson will take a tough stance on Brexit, offering party supporters the first details of what he called his “fair and reasonable compromise.”

Johnson, who says Britain will leave the bloc on October 31, no matter what, tells the conference that he will send his proposal to Brussels, trying to make a deal to smooth out the country’s exit and avoid a potentially devastating exit without an agreement.

“My friends, I’m afraid that after three and a half years, people begin to feel that they are mistaken for fools. They begin to suspect that in this country there are forces that simply do not want Brexit to be realized at all”, –  said in excerpts of Johnson’s speech published by his office.

“Let’s do Brexit on October 31 so that in 2020 our country can move on”, –  he said.

The proposal involves replacing the so-called “backstop” – a mechanism to prevent the return of a tight border on the island of Ireland – which was the biggest obstacle to reaching an agreement with Brussels.

“The government is either going to negotiate a new deal, or it will not conclude any deals”, –  said the head of the British government, stressing that he did not intend to work with the postponement of the agreement.

Earlier, the European Parliament approved the postponement of Brexit and warned that the responsibility for the tough Brexit would fall entirely on the shoulders of the British government.

Recall, in Britain came into force a law passed by Parliament, according to which the government is obliged to ask the EU for a new postponement of Brexit, if until October 19, London and Brussels do not agree on a new exit agreement.

British media reported that Johnson intends to ignore the new law and is ready to fight for it in the courts.