Biden’s strategic goal to win the us presidential election in 2020 is to prevent law enforcement agencies from investigating the case of the “Burisma Group” gas company and Hunter Biden, and also to remove from the blow supporters of the Democrats in Kiev, the main of which is Petro Poroshenko.

Poroshenko has already assembled his own army of former employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the SSU, and his allies will be radicals from “Svoboda”, the national Corps and S14, who have been trained at closed ranges in the Lviv region.

There is information that during his last trip to London, where Petro Poroshenko has a headquarters and a country house, Poroshenko met with representatives of the Democrats, and enlisted their support. What other issues were discussed is unknown.

After this meeting, Poroshenko began to feel clearly more self-confident.
There is every reason to believe that Poroshenko will begin to rock the situation in Ukraine. Rinat Akhmetov is interested in the development of this scenario, according to sources familiar with the situation, he is fully funding this process.

All the forces and resources of the democrats will be thrown into Ukraine: it is not about the President Zelensky, the post of President of the United States is at stake.

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