Hunter Biden created an investment fund with a Chinese banker when he accompanied his father on an official visit in 2013.

The son of the former vice president of the United States, Hunter Biden, in November 2013, together with the Chinese banker Jonathan Lee, established a private fund in this country to attract investment. As on Wednesday, October 2, NBC  reported, then Hunter accompanied his father during his official visit to China.

Hunter Biden’s spokesman John Mesares assured the television company that his boss had acquired a stake in the fund mentioned above for about $420,000. This happened in October 2017, that is, after his father resigned as US Vice President. The capitalization of the fund, the name of which the television company does not cite, was estimated at approximately $4.2 million. Before the acquisition of the stake, Hunter worked for free on the board of the fund, Mesares said.

During a 2013 visit to China, Biden Jr. arranged for his business partner to meet with his father and shake his hand. According to NBC, an official trip to the PRC gave rise to the question of why the current US vice president took with him a son who was flying on a presidential plane, and why he did not try to clearly distinguish between his duties and the business of Biden Jr.

White House officials accompanying Joseph Biden in China told television companies that they did not know about his son’s independent business program in Beijing. At the same time, NBC did not find any signs that Hunter was in any way linking his business with the powers of his father. Mesares assured the television company that Hunter, in addition to Lee and a couple of his partners, had not met with Chinese officials and was not present at the talks between his father and Chinese President Xi Jinping. 

Earlier, US President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudolf Giuliani accused Hunter Biden of illegally legalizing funds in the amount of $3 million from Ukraine and $1.5 billion from China. Giuliani said that it is about one-time transactions committed during the presidency of Barack Obama. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Gen Shuang called the White House owner’s lawyer allegations baseless.

As reported, Ukrainian law enforcement authorities are not conducting business in relation to Hunter Biden, about which Trump spoke on the phone with President Vladimir Zelensky.

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