Belgrade: The international legal order depends on the solution of the Kosovo issue

The solution of the Kosovo issue is a challenge to international security, on which the future of the international legal order depends, and therefore it is extremely important that Russia, as one of the most influential states in the world, continue to take an active part in this process. This was stated by Director of the Office of Kosovo and Metohija of the Government of Serbia Marko Djurić on October 1 in Belgrade during a meeting with Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botan-Harchenko.

Djurić drew the attention of the head of the Russian diplomatic mission to the fact that on the eve of the elections in Kosovo, the separatist government in Pristina was conducting an “aggressive election campaign, terrorizing the representatives of the Serb List party, a political organization that enjoys the support of Belgrade”, – RTS reported.

Nevertheless, the Serbian politician expressed his conviction that, despite the pressure and violation of political rights, the Serbs “with a convincing majority of votes will support a policy of strong ties with Belgrade.”

Djurić also thanked Botsan-Kharchenko for the support that the Russian Federation provides to Serbia in protecting its national and state interests in the southern region.

As previously reported, the President of Serbia, Alexander Vučić, called on Kosovo Serbs to vote for the “Serb List” , as this party coordinates its actions with the Serbian leadership, and its victory guarantees that Kosovo Serbs will not lose touch with Belgrade.


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