Anti-Semitic Posters Appear in Several Cities in Poland

The posters call not to return the property of the Jews, which was taken away from them during the Second world war, as well as to stop the “Jewish occupation of Poland”. In addition, the banner has a two-word motto, where the first is “careful” and the second is “parasites”, but with the addition of the ending from the word “Jews”, thus clearly means “Jews are parasites”.

The poster contains photographs of the former Israeli ambassador to Poland, Shevah Weiss, the current head of the diplomatic mission, Anna Azari, the US ambassador to Poland, Georgette Mosbacher, the chief rabbi of Poland, Michael Schudrich.

The chairman of the “Mimaamakim” public organization, Jonny Daniels, whose photograph is also placed on the poster, filed a complaint to the Warsaw police.

Sources involved in diplomatic relations between Israel and Poland explained to Ynet: “The two countries entered into a confrontation”. According to them, Israel has lost Poland as a friendly ally in Europe.


“It is likely that the period when Poland entered the battle against condemnation and attacks on Israel, has ended”, – the sources suggested.

Recall that on September 26 a scandal erupted over the statement of Polish President Andrzej Duda at a meeting with representatives of Jewish organizations in New York. According to Jewish insider, Duda expressed confidence that the words of Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz that “the Poles absorbed anti-Semitism along with their mother’s milk” led to an increase of anti-Semitic incidents in his country.

The Polish president noted that Katz’s words constitute “humiliation” for his people and that his advisers recommended him to refrain from visiting Israel until Katz apologizes.

Recall that in February 2019, the head of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, commenting on the conflict with Poland, quoted the words spoken once by former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir.

The diplomatic crisis between the countries arose because of the Holocaust Law in Poland, which was adopted last year. This law prohibits holding poles responsible for the crimes of Nazis and collaborators during the Disaster.


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