On September 30, Donald Trump posted a tweet about the potential Civil War in case he is dismissed from the office.

The President quoted the evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress who had previously claimed that the American nation might undergo a “Civil War-like fracture” on his official Twitter account.

The tweet faced a great amount of sharp criticism from Democratic politicians: thus, Adam Kinzinger of Illinois stated that it was “beyond repugnant”. 

As far as the opinion of John Coates’, the Harvard Law professor, is concerned, the tweet can also induce the possibility of impeachment. He responded to Trump’s statement from legislative point of view. 

None of the congressional lawmakers have expressed their opinion concerning John Coates’ one yet, however Laurence Tribe, one of his faculty members, has commented on the statement and partly agreed with it.

Presently, the House of Representatives is carrying out an impeachment investifation over the question whether the President held back the approved military assistance to Ukraine unless the country’s President investigated the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

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