The British tabloid The Daily Mail published an article that says how special forces soldiers of the Federal Penitentiary Service  of Russia are tested for the right to wear a maroon beret.

All-Russian tests among the employees of special departments of the Federal Penitentiary Service for the right to wear a maroon beret were held on September 27 in Mordovia. 85 fighters from 38 regions of Russia competed for the right to possess the highest valor of special forces of special forces officers; seven became the owners of the maroon beret.

The publication caused an active response from readers in the comments. Many users expressed admiration for the endurance and willpower of the special forces, comparing them with the soldiers of the armies of other countries. At the same time, some commentators proposed to adopt the Russian experience in conducting such tests.

“The employees of the FPS of Russia can be tougher than the soldiers of half the armies in the EU”, –  wrote Galahad.

“The Russians are strong”, –  wchenchou remarked.

“I think that in the future, Scottish, English, Irish and Welsh prison services should receive the same training”, –  Miguel suggested.

“Could we outsource our criminals to them?” – wondered FiveTrickPony.

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