Putin lists the topics of the upcoming meeting with Rouhani

Russian President Vladimir Putin invited the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to discuss bilateral relations, the situation around the JCPOA and the situation in Syria.

“We’ll talk about bilateral issues, about the JCPOA, about the situation in the region, including the one in the Syrian Arab Republic”, – Putin said at the meeting with Rouhani in Yerevan after the EEU summit.

The Russian leader noted that the presidents of the two countries met regularly, but given the dynamics of the situation in the region, as well as bilateral ties, “there is always something to talk about and something to discuss”.

“I am pleased to note that joint work is underway to join Iran in the work of the Eurasian Economic Union. I am confident that this work will benefit our countries. It is based on the fundamental principles of international law and the basic provisions of the World Trade Organization”, – Putin said.

“Fortunately, bilateral relations between our countries are progressing, and even if we meet every week, we will always have something to talk about”, – Rouhani said in turn.

He added that for many years the history of relations between Russia and Iran, the parties “have reached an unprecedented level of sincerity.”

Rouhani said that he plans to discuss international issues with Putin, as well as the issues of bilateral relations.

“Both of our countries are in a sensitive region and, unfortunately, in recent weeks we have seen negative manifestations here. And wherever we interact, our ultimate goal is peace, stability and security”, – Rouhani added.

Later, in response to a question about whether the presidents of the two countries plan to discuss the situation with attacks on oil infrastructure facilities in Saudi Arabia, a spokesman for the Russian head of state Dmitry Peskov said:

“The situation in the Strait of Hormuz is generally discussed, a situation in the region that is quite tense”.