One of the largest oil and gas companies, Royal Dutch Shell, spoke out in support of the Nord Stream 2 project, against which US lawmakers are preparing another package of sanctions.

Sederic Kremers, head of Shell’s office in Russia, appealing to the US Congress, called for not approving the sanctions bill, which would impose restrictions on companies and individuals involved in the construction of the pipeline. The fact is that Shell was also among the partners of Russian Gazprom in the Nord Stream-2 project.

At the moment, several bills are under consideration in the US Congress that provide for sanctions against Gazprom. As  known, Washington did not want to lose the European energy market, so it interfered with Russian projects, intimidating Europe with the “growing influence” of Moscow.

It is also worth noting that the main shareholder of the British-Dutch oil and gas company “Royal Dutch Shell” is the “Nederlands Centraal Institut Voor Giraal Effectenverkeer BV” trust Fund, part of the company “Euroclear”, which, in turn, was founded by the American financial structure “J. P. Morgan & Co”, which is now reformatted in “JPMorgan Chase” — one of the four largest US banks.

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